All About Online Couples Counseling

Like the name suggests, online couples counselling is counselling that takes place virtually – either between the couple and the counsellor over the phone or on a video meeting over a screen. 

Online relationship counselling provides couples looking to work on their relationship with the opportunity to access guidance easily, conveniently, and oftentimes, more affordably than in-person couples therapy. 

Since the onset of COVID-19, there has been a significant rise in clients making use of virtual counselling. However, irrespective of the pandemic, this form of counselling continues to grow in popularity and couples therapists have been encouraging clients to make use of the online option more and more.

What are the Pros & Cons of Virtual Counselling vs. In-Person Counselling?

In-person therapy provides support to those seeking help through face-to-face or in-person interactions with a licensed therapist. Sessions typically take place weekly, in an office setting, for roughly 45 minutes up to an hour.

Pros of In-Person CounsellingCons of In-Person Counselling
Enables therapists to read nonverbal cues that can help them to better understand their clients’ needsProvides a neutral space for clients to feel safe and comfortable to talk about personal mattersA more diverse range of tools and therapy styles can be used i.e. art, music, or play therapyRates tend to be higher for in-person therapyAccessibility. Getting to and from therapy sessions can be inconvenient for clients, which could deter them from therapy altogetherTime. There could be long waiting lists that may result in a delay in getting started

Virtual therapy provides support to those seeking help from any location. According to research, virtual therapy appears to be equally as effective as the in-person approach.

Pros of Virtual CounsellingCons of Virtual Counselling
Rates tend to be lower for online counselling, or at the very least, the package rates are lower initiallyClients can conveniently connect with a therapist from anywhere, at any timeTherapy is more easily accessible by not having to commute to get to sessions or engage with a stranger in a new spaceYou can keep your sessions as private as you like because you aren’t physically going in to your sessionsThere is the added consideration that needs to be made for internet connectivity and privacy in your chosen spaceDepending on the therapy required, virtual counselling could be limited in terms of effective care treatmentsVirtual counselling could limit the depth of understanding between yourself, your partner, and your therapist 

Read more about how to get the most out of your virtual counselling experience here.

How to Find the Best Online Psychotherapist for your Relationship

Finding the best couples therapist for you and your partner can be a challenge. 

Before you start your couples counselling journey with a psychotherapy company, do your own research. Look into how the company screens its counsellors and check their certifications. Another great way to vet a company is to read through their client testimonials in order to get a better understanding about their quality of service. If there are any red flags to be made aware of, this is where they would be!

To help with the initial phase, we recommend asking your therapist the following three questions when yourself and your partner are first introduced to them:

  1. When and how often do you typically respond?
  2. Do you work evenings and weekends?
  3. What is your therapeutic approach?
  4. What are your areas of expertise?

It is important to establish a connection with your therapist, but the reality is that this may not happen right away. Therapy takes commitment and requires hard work, and sometimes your therapist will challenge your relationship and hold yourself and your partner accountable – which may make you feel disconnected to them. But this is normal.

Online Couples Counselling in Kitchener

COCA Psychotherapy offers both in-person and online counselling services in Waterloo. Our Kitchener therapists will help you and your partner to work through struggles you may be experiencing in the relationships, and help you both to find healthier ways of communicating and to better understand one another.

When it comes to our online couples counselling services, our research has found that attending therapy through video is just as effective as attending in person. COCA’s Kitchener therapists are highly qualified and have attended numerous trainings that are specific to couples. Every participant can attend within the same room, or can also be in different locations and attend at the same time. It’s completely up to the couples participating in the sessions.

Feel free to contact us here to book your psychotherapist online consultation or give us a call on 226-336-5787 for a free consultation over the phone.

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