Our Client Portal is a clinical software that we use for scheduling, billing purposes and recording confidential client information. We also use the portal as a means of seeing clients online in a confidential way. Whether you’re a new client or existing client, our portal is a great resource while you are in therapy at COCA Psychotherapy. 

If you are ready to book your appointment with one of our therapists you can book your appointment online if: 

  • You know what therapist you would like to book with
  • Note this is for video sessions only. In person sessions will have to be booked via telephone or email, or via an intake
  • You have reviewed the FAQ section of our website
If you are not sure, feel free to book a free intake with us!
  • Book a new appointment or cancel an existing one with your therapist
  • Connect directly with your therapist via the secure messaging option in the portal
  • Review a history of your receipts
  • Access your video session