Individual Therapy

Individual therapy offered via video or telephone. Improve your health, prioritize your wellness, your relationship with yourself and others and flourish.
Attend therapy from the comfort of your own home. It is a convenient and time efficient way to engage in counselling services and begin working on your inner healing journey. Grab a cup of tea and relax in a quiet area where you can engage in conversation to work on your goals and thrive.

Is therapy right for you?

At COCA Psychotherapy we work with individuals who are struggling to make long lasting changes in the way they communicate with others, set boundaries, or are feeling stuck in a particular situation. Overall, self confidence and a lack of assertiveness come into play.

As a result, we may lose interest in things we used to enjoy, we may experience lack of motivation, over sleeping, insomnia, difficulties concentrating, appetite changes, irritability, exhaustion, rumination of thoughts, negative thinking. It often involves avoiding situations, people and things that create uncomfortable/what feels like unbearable feelings.

It can also look like self medicating with alcohol/drugs in order to cope. It is very often that we carry some memories that weigh heavily on us. There may be some past experiences that are still affecting us, and are seeping into our everyday lives.

Perhaps there are themes, or patterns that we notice. A lot of the times these previous coping strategies have maintained us alive, or have allowed us to survive. But there comes a time where these old ways of living/believing are no longer working for us.

What do we talk about in therapy?

With your therapist/counsellor, you will work at breaking patterns/cycles, building on new strategies, as you create a narrative that is based on a belief system that works for you. You will also work on identifying oppressive systems that place barriers for us, and find ways to work around them.

As we peel back the layers of yourself, your culture and the systemic issues you face, you’ll feel empowered to choose what to let go of and to reclaim your identity and your true self. We are looking forward to walking with you through your transformational journey.