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Counselling in Ontario

Online video & phone counselling, psychotherapy, and reiki sessions available in Ontario Canada

St. Thomas Ontario Clinic (Head Office)

141 Wellington Street, St. Thomas, Ontario N5R 2R8

Parking is at the back of the building as well as the entrance, we are located on the 2nd floor

In-Person Services: Individual and Family/Couples Therapy, Reiki Services

Waterloo Ontario Clinic

16 John Street West, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 1A7

Parking on site, and on the street

In-Person Services: Individual and Family/Couples Therapy, Yoga Services

London Ontario Clinic

Available Services: Individual and Family/Couples Therapy (walk and talk, or in client home)

Mental Health Services


Individual Counselling

Couples Counselling

Family Counselling

Youth Counselling

Indigenous Counselling

Group Psychotherapy

For individuals over the age of 21, these Therapist-led group sessions require a commitment of attendance for a 12 week period. Please note that sessions are held online via group video.

Mental Health Courses

Recorded educational courses, and downloadable material are available online.

Our goal is to support clients in long term changes through self awareness and education.

Working With COCA Psychotherapy

We are committed to offering support and guidance through mental and emotional health challenges.  We use evidence based practices and strategies that are scientifically proven to create change. Our overall holistic approach acknowledges your needs as a whole, not just your mental health. Acknowledgement includes emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being. This process allows COCA Psychotherapy to empower you to take charge in your life. 

At COCA Psychotherapy we believe in taking the time to explore and process what you have been through. It is important to understand how the journey has lead to where you are today. Like sea turtles, we too experience a struggle from the sand to the sea in order to survive. Seeking refuge in a safe place, in order to grow, takes time. We each have resources within us, and together we can find ways to access these in order to live fulfilling lives.

Working with COCA Psychotherapy is an investment in yourself.  You will discover a grounded and balanced approach in your relationship with yourself and others.

Most insurance companies provide coverage for counselling services.

We also offer free services to clients through Non-Insured Health Benefits for First Nations & Inuit (NIHB) & Victim Services

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Counselling & Psychotherapy in Canada

Land Acknowledgement

We respectfully acknowledge that the land on which we reside and work is the traditional territory of Indigenous peoples. We recognize this to be one of many steps to take part in the calls to action made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. We continue to explore ways in which we can continue to support and be allies to Indigenous communities.

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