You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.

- Maya Angelou

About Us

COCA Psychotherapy is a virtual private practice providing counselling and psychotherapy services in Canada. Our practice is committed to anti-oppressive, anti-discriminatory and anti-racist work. We are BIPOC, LBGT2SQ, neurodivergent, polyamory and gender inclusive

We have a diverse set of clinicians with lived experience, using a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches tailored to each client’s needs.

Like the sea turtle we too embark journeys of survival. Sea turtles have a history of fighting against extinction, and with support they have thrived. The process of getting from the sand back to water/safety is a scary one. But they are wise, grounded, determined and balanced. Sea turtles are emotionally strong and peaceful. Together, we will come to understand where you are coming from and find your inner sea turtle.

Our Services


Therapy for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, life transitions, history of trauma.


Psychotherapy group for individuals over the age of 21. Weekly meetings for a period of 12 weeks.

Couples & Family Therapy

Therapy for couples and families who are experiencing struggles in their relationships.


Psychotherapy group for individuals over the age of 21. Weekly meetings for a period of 12 weeks.

We too are like sea turtles...

At COCA Psychotherapy we believe in taking the time to explore and process what we have been through, and how it has lead to where we are today. Like sea turtles, we too experience a struggle from the sand to the sea in order to survive. Seeking refuge in a safe place takes time. We each have resources within us, and together we can find ways to access these in order to live fulfilling lives.

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What’s New?

Why we seek therapy?

We all feel a little lost and stuck at times, and sometimes even disconnected from ourselves, our values and our goals. It’s not surprising that as a result we put others first as a way to distract from our emotional difficulties. Or we may be in denial and could be avoiding certain situations that cause distress. This can result in neglecting the relationship we have with ourselves and others. It takes a lot of courage to seek therapy and accept that we need extra support. You have officially made the first step towards prioritizing yourself and your health. A welcoming, inclusive and safe space where you can be vulnerable and be yourself is a priority. Strengthening the self through awareness, identifying our needs and vocalizing them, can lead to accessing power we thought was lost. At COCA Psychotherapy our focus is to empower individuals to reach this level of self-fulfillment through a collaborative and non-judgmental approach. We encourage you to invest in your relationship with yourself, find yourself, find your happiness. Be more compassionate with yourself, re-connect with your core and bring awareness to your yearnings. This will aid in building strong, meaningful friendships and relationships, with those who are closest to you. And most importantly it can increase your self confidence and find positivity in your view of self.

We also offer services to clients through Non-Insured Health Benefits for First Nations & Inuit (NIHB)